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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 21, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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palestinian request for state hood. president obama didn't say the u.s. would veto statehood attempt by the palestinians but it was implied. u.s. wants to push leader bask to negotiating table and concerned that a veto could spark violence and antiu.s. sentiment. >> we believe any lasting peace must acknowledge the very real security concerns that israel faces every single day. >> the president did meet with israeli prime minister who wants leaders in the west bank to denounce hamas leadership and met with abbas. representatives insisted no deals struck no word on what is going to happen next. two hikers released from an iranian prison and headed home. shane bauer and fatale were released after the sentences for spying were commuted and $1 million bail paid. two arrested two years ago after they along with sarah
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shroud crossed the border. shroud was released but bar and fatale remained in prison. they were sentenced to 8 years in prison. last week, the iran's president says the release was imminent and told international pressure was not a factor. >> when we said we will release them, we will release them as a humanitarian gesture. >> they arranged for the bail and that's where the families were greeted. justice for a innocent man put to death. georgia scheduled to execute a man despite doubt he may have committed the crime this the first place. at 7:00, troy disaifs scheduled to be executed for a murder he says he didn't commit. the claim of innocence is not unusual except 7 of the 9 eye
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witnesses who helped convict him say he is not the man who gunned down a police officer in 1989. six say police threatened them unless they identified davis. no physical evidence linking davis to the murder. >> there is too much doubt for this execution to continue. >> so far both georgia pardons and parole board and a judge have rejected efforts for clemency. davis has supports of clemency from former president jimmy carter and pope benedict the xvi. a generally gray day. not a ton of rain but showers affecting the area. south of the dc area, coming upics 95, fredericksburg. tough commute south of dc. rain totals light around the area. just a trace of rain for most of us today. temperatures have leveled off in the low 70s right now.
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rest of the this evening hovering in the 70s. chance of a few showers. could be quite a bit more rain, coming up. nearly 3 months ago an arundel county family lost their 17 year-old daughter as she tried to cross the highway. now as don don tells us tonight. the state highway administration and the county are getting closer to trying to make the area safer. >> reporter: in july, 17-year- old carra and her boyfriend were hit by a car on richie highway outside of a popular carnival s. she was killed in the accident. some residents feel richie highway reached its limit for traffic. >> crossing it is horrible. driving up and down was built for the 1940s. >> reporter: county executive understands reality of the situation. he is now going to get his wish
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for a safer highway. the state highway administration did a city and approved a plan to put crosswalks and pedestrian signals at the intersection. this isn't the only stretch of highway that needs help. not just an isolated one place where there is a problem. there have been problems up and down the highway and other intersections and hopefully this will spur action where it's needed elsewhere. >> it's a band-aid to a problem that needs a lot of stitches. >> reporter: the highway administration agrees and says even though it approves crosswalks won't do. it recommendsed the fire house install an orange safety fence along route 2 so people are forced to use the crosswalks and thinks during events like the summer carnival, fire and police should be stationed a at the crosswalks to help ensure the safety of the pedestrians. although the fatal accident occurred over two months ago, families and friends will have to wait 3 months until the end of december before work begins
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at this intersection. i'm don harrisson. tough economy took a bite out of our wallets. this is a good time to buy, believe it or not. why electronics are such a good buy and just how low these prices are gone in recent years. which do you prefer, texting or talking? a vast ma jot of us text, white until you hear how many people would rather talk.
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days away from raising money to make kids better. the race for kids to benefit the children's center at sinai. here is jamie costello with more. >> reporter: we have been posting personal stories on facebook, today it's about john eric. i want you to stare at his face. this is john eric. he became an angel three mays ago, born a gift on father's day 2006. the first 2 hours on earth, he had to learn how to suck and swallow and breathe at the same time. at the age of 14 months, mom and dad thought he was constipated and remember the exact date when they heard these words, your son has a
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mass. a mass of poop? no. your son has a tumor. they were at a loss of words. not tears. sinai became their home. the doctor, nurses became family, through the chemo, all the radiation and surgeries and the poking and prodding, there was john eric smiling. he spent half of his life going to the hospital except for his bald little head you couldn't tell he was so sick. the family took him to disney world to act like a kid instead of a patient. after meeting mickey and mini, john eric went home and then he went home. john eric's mom and dad will be with us for the race for the kids. john eric will be there too. playing the role of angel. smile down on all of us. if olds like to run, walk, donate, go to race for our one city family, the answer in to the death of their son remained unanswered. six years later.
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coming up, we will open up the latest cold case to find out why police have not lost hope they will find a person who shot and killed mark guardner. if you are thinking about buy the latest electronic gizmo, this could be a good time to buy.
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maryland's cold cases. we will take you to north baltimore. 24-year-old father of two was gunned down six years ago. his name is mark guardner, his mother is speak out about what happened. sherrie johnson tells us police vow to never give up hope. [music] >> reporter: to everyone else he was mark. to his mother, linda, powell,
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he was everything. >> he was the joy of my life. my only child. >> reporter: mark was someone who worked his whole life, taking on his first job at 14. he did what he could to provide for his family, especially his two boys. it was a warm june evening in 2005, mark, his cousin, and some friends were all out together. they decided to grab food from this chinese carryout. >> at that point the victim gets out by himself. walks around to pick up the food. his friends report hearing gun shots. >> reporter: the three men ran out of the car to find mark covered in blood, shot four times in the back. they pull him back in to the car and drive him to union memorial. linda was getting ready for bed when her phone started to ring. >> i got a phone call from one
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of the cousins. >> reporter: they wouldn't tell her what was going on and kept asking for mark's wife. she suggested they call her sister, watching the boys that night. it was her sister who called back and gave her the grave news. told her to go to the hospital right away. when she got this she was taken in to a room full of mark's family and friends. mark's uncle told her it was too late, mark was gone. >> i fell down. i fell flat on my behind. i couldn't belief it. >> reporter: doctors said they were able to pull out three bullet bus the fourth hit his liver. the damage was just too severe. >> i was in shock. total shock. >> reporter: six years later his case frustrates police. the men with him that night have been questioned several times and their story remains the same. they never saw the shooter, only heard the shots. detectives questioned his estranged wife who filed a ex parte banning mark from coming near her her or their home.
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>> at this point in time there is nothing to indicate that incident was related to the domestic situation between him and his wife. >> reporter: the sergeant knows someone saw something. green mount avenue is busy that time of night. >> weapon believe there are other witnesses but they haven't been identified. >> reporter: his team is not giving up. >> there is always hope in all these cases that they will be closed. some have a tendency to take longer than others. >> reporter: others. -- neither is linda. >> i say prayers and believe i think one day the truth will prevail. >> reporter: she cher, abc2 news. >> you heard police say they need witnesses to come forward. now is your chance to make a difference and help this family. if you know something, call the baltimore city police, coal case squad. the phone number is here on your screen, 410-396-2121. also leave a tip with metro
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crime stoppers and possibly be eligible for a cash reward. 1-866-7-lockup. text your tip to crimes or submit it on line lieu the metro crime to learn more about mark's case or any other cases we covered, log on to our website, cases. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> yeah, more murky and gray weather. the story the last day or two, last week or two, most of the day , the set up doesn't change much the next few days. humidity 8 3%. it's muggy. kelly telling me it's bad hair weather. middle town valley, murky over the frederick county line. we tried to find a little late day sunshine, how about a few shots across the state.
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damascus. fall color in the foreground from a couple of chilly nights we had. dc today, no sunshine in the capitol either. it's the whole mid atlantic region. closest rain south of dc. rain through fredicsburg. this is going to move up north, could see showers in baltimore in the next hour, hour and a half if this cluster holds together. most of the baltimore area still sits dry. we will keep an eye on it. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. slow to change tonight. way out west the mountains. it's 65 degrees now. this is not really crisp fall weather to say the least. humidity super high. a lot of moisture near, it's going to full showers and storms over next couple of days. most of the weather south of maryland, we had a few hit and miss showers. this unsettled pattern now really beginning to get its act
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together, most of the wet weather has been off to the west of us and offshore the carolinas, a few showers towards cape hatteras. again the whole pattern beginning to shift. one area of low pressure over the carolinas, humid air is in place. out to the west, this next boundary is going to come in over the next two to three days crawling over the east coast. each day is going to bring the chance for rain and keep us from not seeing too much sunshine. humidity climbed in to maryland and beyond from the southeast and the future trend basically shows hit and miss showers tomorrow. best chances tomorrow around 6:00. friday looks like it could be a wet day. especially baltimore, baltimore eastward over towards ocean city, we could get a bit of rain hugging the coast if that ends up verifying. down on the tropics, ophelia, named tropical storm, track will bring it similar to other tracks off of the atlantic
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coast. overnight, 67, scattered showers. murky tomorrow. late day and evening showers. could be foggy next couple of nights with so much moisture. seven-day forecast shows, unforeignly a lot of rain -- unfortunately a lot of rain. weekend with a chance for showers. better chance for showers sat than sundays. each day could see a shower hopefully it will be a little drier an mess that may come in on friday, kelly. maybe a little better for the weekend. >> you can only hope. >> we hope. [music] 13th season of dancing with the stars hit the road. he knew he made mistakes.
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ten couples remain, next week will takeel the jive or quick step to try and impress the judges and you, the voters. >> my name is hank. here at the loss creek ranch you are going to ride and rope and shoot. you are going to see a sky so full of stars it will put your city lights to shame. when it's all done you might encounter a piece of yourselves you never knew was there. are there any questions? >> do we book spa treatments through you or? >> i like you kid. i'm going to call you hollywood. >> that wasn't an answer. >> this year's emmy award winner for best comedy, modern family. episode at 9:00 as the family takes the vacation to a dude ran inch wyoming. >> that water is ice cold. only at first.
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after a while you can't feel anything. sounds like my marriage. >> ouch. right after that stay tuned for the premier of new drama, revenge. a young woman named emily returns to make the people responsible for ruining her family. >> a big night of premiers starts with a special hour of the middle at 8:00, followed by back to back episodes of the two time emmy award winner for comedy, modern family and revenge at 10:00. stick around for us, abc2 news at 11. tonight at 6:00, people who should know bet i accused of denying a veteran employment. we will tell you what he is doing about it tonight. you may think you are doing the right thing by getting your kid in to child safety seats, but why one isn't enough. those stories and more coming up. here is preview on what is
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more news from netflix. this time it's good news, content streaming company announced it's dealing with discovery communications to watch older episodes of shows from discovery, t lc, animal planet and others. nonus clues i have deals are
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good for two years. texting maybe all the rage among teens and young adults. a survey finds adults would rather get a phone call. research survey find 75% of adults who use cell phones to send and receive text messages, 5 3% prefer calls to text. young adults prefer texting the most. those between 18 and 24, exchanging an average about 110 texts a day. i can't type that fast. these days it seems we are paying more for just about everything, electronic prices are lower than 15 years ago. disagree? just wait until you see john matarese, he shows you how much we paid for a lousy desktop computer in 1996. >> reporter: we hear plenty about inflation when it comes to gas prices, food prices and that ever rising electric bill. can you believe there is one area where prices actually fall
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every year? it's consumer electronics. this vintage best buy ad from 1996. 15 years ago, its amazing how much we paid for low technology back then. for $2000 you got a 166 mega hertz packard bell pc. with barely enough memory to say you got mail. a whopping $2500 got you a toshiba laptop. need a printer? $279 for a ink jet, buying today for less than 50 bucks. music, it was your choice of a sony cd for $69 or cassette walkman for $59. to tell your friends about this cool technology, you could buy a $49 cellular telephone. thanks for the consumerist for the trip down memory lane to a time 15 years ago when technology was clunky, slow and expensive.
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go to, click on the money tab up top so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. >> remember the huge cell phones? coming up, we will show you what some students are doing to bring attention to the international day of peace. that's coming up at arts right is this what you get for serving our country? why people are being accused of breaking the law tonight. you are going to be calling for an about face on facebook, if your going out with the kids tonight, are you buckling them up a the right way? listen to this story, we have an army reservist, goes off to war, comes back and finds out he lost his job. andrew is suing baltimore city saying his position as an assistant state's attorney should have been held for him. there is a statute is that th


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